New Propeller Sales

We sell all makes of new boat propellers for brands such as Quicksilver, Michigan Wheel, Solas, ACME, OJ Johnson.

We offer nationwide shipping via UPS or FedEx. Please call us with your information so we can determine the BEST PROPELLER for YOUR boat.

Things you may want to know when you call:

  • The size of the propeller now on your boat. If you don’t know, a part number is stamped somewhere on the propeller.
  • What the engine RPM is at full speed with a normal load and while trimmed up.
  • The horsepower of the engine, as well as its year and brand.

There is no such thing as a standard propeller.

In order to achieve the best performance when choosing a propeller, you should first find out what the recommended WOT (wide open throttle) RPM (revolutions per minute) operating range is for your engine. This will be in your engine owners’ manual. If you don’t have a manual, you can call a local boat dealer who services your brand of engine and ask. Or you can call us — we may also know.

There are always two size numbers for any boat propeller. The first number is the diameter, which is measured from the prop-shaft-hole out to the blade tip, multiplied by two. The second number is the pitch.

The pitch is the most important number, as different pitches will make the engine’s RPM change at full speed. The theory is for every one inch change in pitch, the RPM will change from 150 to 200. The higher the pitch, the lower the RPM, and the lower the pitch, the higher the RPM. The “quest” is to get a properly pitched prop that will get your boat in its recommended WOT RPM operating range.

We would like to help you get the right prop for your boat, give us a call at: 801-222-0277